I have been let down massively by our county council. They never respond, lack any sort of supporting ability and continuously behave as if I’m asking for something amazing rather than just a few hours one to one support for Jude.

BUT my continuous shining light comes from Kids Hub. An amazing local charity connected to Kids which is the UK wide charity – if anyone wants to check them out. They have helped me work out what would be best for Jude and the rest of the family, they came out to my house and helped me fill in forms for the council and have been a regular contact via both email and phone whenever I’ve had a (seemingly) stupid question to ask (yet again).

Nothing interesting to report tonight but I just wanted to mention them again as they have helped me once more this week. Jude will be beginning adventure activity club in the summer and it’s thanks to them for arranging it. They identified clubs that will help Jude to socialise with children his own age and together we decided that this one would be most fun and suitable for his abilities 🙂 V exciting.

Hope you’re all having a fab weekend. A x


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