Something Jude has always had is a sensitivity to touch. When he was little, you literally couldn’t touch the palms of his hands as he’d pull away and even now he is still reluctant to hug or embrace in any way. So with my Montessori teacher head on, I have always encouraged Jude to participate in sensorial activities. What I’d love to do is turn his room into a mult-sensory haven with bubble tubes, lights, lots of different textures, etc. BUT my problem is a) all the big items I really want are massively expensive and b) Jude (being Jude) would probably move/hide everything that I put in his room. He hates things being moved around in his room!

I’m going to give it a go so will post pictures as I go along. The first thing I want to get is some of these bubble tubes but they seem pretty prices.


I find it heartbreaking that Jude is still at this level developmentally however he is making progress, especially in regard to numbers and maths. But for now, I’m going to make a huge effort to sensorial-ise him as much as possible!

Does any one have any fab sensorial based experiences with their disabled child? Or any examples of how sensorial activities have helped calm their child? I know Jude often goes into the sensory room at school before certain lessons and it helps his concentration sooooo much. Will report back 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sensorial

  1. We have a ceiling hook and an amazing swing in our front room that James can spin, twirl, swing and crash about on. Don’t know what he did to occupy his time without it 😄

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